CEO Elon Musk says an updated Tesla Supercharger map is coming in the next few days.

We've known full well for quite some time that Tesla is continuously adding Superchargers all over the world. This has been especially true with the introduction of the Model 3, since now in any given month, thousands of new Tesla owners are taking to the streets.

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Aside from the information above, what we didn't know for sure (and still don't) is how many Superchargers the company is working on at the current time. New Tesla Model S P100D owner and Twitter user Kevin Mitnick sent a question Musk's way asking for any news about adding Superchargers in his area (Woodland Hills, CA).

In usual fashion, Musk responded personally. While it wasn't within minutes like we've seen on many occasions, he got back to Mitnick on the same day, only about six hours later. The fact that in his busiest of times the CEO still finds extra time to reach out and/or reply to customers via Twitter is always impressive.

In regards to Musk's reply, he said 1000s. We feel this is taken to mean 2,000 or more. However, it's unknown how many are in the permitting process versus how many are currently being built. Also, we have no idea how long it generally takes from permitting to a finished product. Nonetheless, not unlike the automaker's Model 3 VIN registrations, this is a good indication that much progress lies ahead.

Hopefully, in the coming days, we will have that updated map with more concrete details.

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