Tesla Autopilot saves many lives, we just don't get to see it very often.

How many lives Tesla Autopilot and other semi-autonomous driving systems save will remain a mystery. This is because we will rarely hear about the saves. Conversely, we will always hear about the fails, which makes perfect sense since traffic fatalities are a serious issue. Marry that to the fact that a self-driving system was involved and it's going to hit the news in a very big way.

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After incident, Autopilot steers Model X back to safety

After incident, Autopilot steers Model X back to safety

We're not here to make any decision or share any opinions about Tesla's Autopilot system. The NTSB's investigation into the recent Tesla Model X Autopilot fatality will take months, if not years. Until then, it's really unfair to even speculate.

Every scenario and situation is a bit different. As CEO Elon Musk recently shared during his "CBS This Morning" interview, Autopilot will never be perfect. This is also true of other similar systems, as well as systems of the future.

As you can see from the video, in this particular situation, a semi truck quickly crosses over the lane line and nearly swerves into a Tesla Model X.

The driver, Jeremy Visnesky, says the semi-truck driver was either not paying attention, lost control, or both. Fortunately, the Model X was in Autopilot mode and the technology detected the truck and steered the SUV out of harm's way.

Jeremy is confident that if Autopilot hadn't taken action, he would have been hit by the semi. Nonetheless, Tesla still calls this a "hands-on" system. The driver is expected to pay attention and take such action, rather than relying on the technology to do so.

Video Description via Jeremy Visnesky on YouTube:

I-95 south driving through NC and a semi decided to nod off or play with his phone or something. Had autopilot not have bolted to the side I’m pretty sure he would have hit me. This is in my Ap2 Tesla Model X.

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Source: Teslarati

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