If you don't like to watch paint dry, you've come to the right place to learn about the recent Tesla Model 3 hypermiling record.

Just the other day we told you about Sean Mitchell's upcoming Model 3 hypermiling attempt. He's released a few more videos with information about his route, his planned speed (which he chose by testing vehicle efficiency at various speeds), and his video upon take off.

Since then, Sean has completed the journey, though he says he's set to do another with a better route and try to achieve over 600 miles. We've included all the videos below, along with some additional information.

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While we had our popcorn ready and couldn't wait to share the full hypermiling live stream with you - in all 18 hours of exciting glory - fortunately for you, there's not a video available of the attempt itself. However, as you can see above, Sean set the record with a total of 515.7 miles on a charge.

The full trip took Mitchell from Denver, CO to Topeka, KS. He didn't completely exhaust the battery, so he could have gone further. When he called it quits, there was still about 10 kWh to spare. However, he never would have made his goal of passing 600 miles, so he decided he needs to try again with some better planning and a different route.

Traveling 516 miles at 30 mph in an electric car with an EPA-estimated 310-mile range is good, but it can surely be beaten. Sean can only hope that he's the one to pull it off. When he apprises us of his next attempt, we'll fill you in.

Source: Teslarati


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