Power to the parking lot!

We've seen the Tesla Model 3 perform on a drag strip, as well as a road racing circuit and, aside from a brake issue suffered at Laguna Seca, the mid-sized electric appears to acquit itself quite well.  But, until the above footage surfaced, we still hadn't seen how well it does on an autocross course.

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Now, auto-X, as it is also sometimes called, is one of the most popular forms of racing in the U.S., with events organized in parking lots across the land, most notably by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). It's a discipline that asks for lots of low-end grunt, as well as the ability to carve corners. It's really the most fun you can have with a car, trysts aside, on a modest budget.

This particular Model 3, recently delivered to one CJ Couch, who is also the pilot in this clip, appears to be pretty much stock, and was entered into the "Novice C" class of an event called "AutoX #3 – 4th Annual Unofficial North Carolina Tour." Though he only got five runs in, Couch appears to have improved as the day wore on, scoring this best time of 66.944 on the second-last run. Compared to others in the same class, he wasn't the best (a Ford Focus ST), but neither was he the worst (a Ford Taurus).

According to the driver, the car performed perfectly, and there was no problem with overheating. He did not, though, mention anything about wear and tear on the brake pads. We hope to see more from this car in the future, so if it makes a return to competition, we'll let you know.

Gallery: Watch Tesla Model 3 Take On An Autocross Course

Source: Tesla Racing Channel

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