Perhaps the Tesla Model 3 production line is actually ahead of schedule for the first time, at least based on public perceptions?

Yes, it looks like Telsa Model 3 production is going to hit 4,000 cars per week. According to bkmxp100d on Tesla Motors Club (via Teslarati), inside information from a claimed Fremont factory worker points to huge numbers as of late. Tesla shut down Model 3 production for a brief time recently to assure forward momentum and it looks like the plan worked.

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The report says that Tesla has been able to build 4,290 Model 3s in seven days and bursts of some 638 cars inside of 24 hours times. While we don't want to inundate you with daily Model 3 production estimates and VIN registrations, if true, this is big news for Tesla and the segment as a whole.

This falls in line with ramp up estimates based on Bloomberg's Model 3 tracker, as well as other inside sources reporting on the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club forum and other related social media groups and forums.

Further, Teslarati reportedly solidified the dates for the next upcoming Model 3 scheduled shutdown: May 26-May 27.

Moreover, Musk noted in the recent earnings call that peak progress is already extrapolated to hit some 5,000 Model 3s per week. He stated per Teslarati:

“The thing I’m most excited about is the rapid increase in output. We got just in the last 24 hours at the Gigafactory managed to achieve a sustained rate of over 3,000 packs per day – sorry, per week, and actually reached a peak hour with extrapolated outward would be a rate of about 5,000 cars per week.

We also saw enormous improvement in zone four of module production. This, I should point out, is a fully automated zone, and we’re able to also achieve sustained rates of 3,000 vehicles a week. So, we’re actually slightly ahead in factory module and pack production than expected. And with some work at the Fremont vehicle plant, primarily in the general assembly area, I’m confident we will very soon exceed the 3,000 mark in Fremont.”

In a recent Tweet reply to Ars Technica, Musk complimented the publication's article and went on to say that Tesla is working to get past production issues and bottlenecks, which Ars compared to GM's struggles in the past.

Source: Teslarati

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