It's been awhile, but sadly, we have another case of a Tesla crashing into a building.

ABC Action News reported that a Tesla Model X driver drove through the wall of an unused storefront before crashing into an Anytime Fitness gym in Pasco County, Florida on Sunday, April 22. The crash happened off North Dale Mabry Highway in broad daylight.

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tesla model x gym crash
Though it was prime time for workouts and the gym was full of customers, fortunately, there were no injuries related to the incident. Even the driver was without a scratch, though she had to be helped out of the vehicle.

Of course, the above is not true when it comes to her Tesla Model X or multiple establishments, as well as expensive equipment.

She spoke with officers from the Pasco County Sheriff's Department. Her claim is that she was headed to an adjacent nail salon and was applying the SUV's brakes, however, the vehicle just continued to accelerate.

When the car wouldn't stop, she drove through an empty store that was a former karate dojo. Then, the car continued to progress forward through another wall and into the Anytime Fitness gym.

The Tesla came to a stop near a row of treadmills. As you can see from the video, a man was narrowly missed as he stepped off one of the treadmills.

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According to the crash report, no sobriety test was given. At this point in time, there are no further details related to the incident. Once more information becomes available, we will update this story.

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Source: ABC Action News

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