This pack has more than just batteries

EVTV has been putting out videos for nine years, now. The effort began with an emphasis on converting existing vehicles to electric drivetrains, but eventually it spent a lot of its energy focusing on batteries — both testing and selling them, along with other components.

More recently, its done a lot of work with Tesla drivetrains, and so it's no surprise that it has gotten a hold of one of first salvage Tesla Model 3 vehicles to show up at an auction. In its latest episode, EVTV principal Jack Rickard and assistant Bill Bayer remove the pack from its home on the underside of their acquisition and remove the cover to learn about what lies within.

Before the pack is divorced from the car's chassis, we learn one of the things that separate it from the energy box found beneath the Model S: it's not designed with the battery swapping as a future possibility, it a lot more difficult to actually disconnect and extricate it from its snug home. The differences don't stop there, either.

Unlike the S, and pretty much every other electric vehicle we've seen disassembled, the Model 3 has its AC charger and DC to DC converter inside of the battery pack. Typically, those are components found under the hood. There are advantages and disadvantages to this approach. On one hand, it might speed up the car assembly process. On the the other, if one of these components goes bad, the time and cost to fix will be elevated.

As is typical of most EVTV videos, this one weighs in at a significant hour and 24 minutes, and it's not unheard of for people to find Mr. Rickard's presentation style to fall short of highly engaging. So, if you'd like the TL;DR version of the video and its finding, YouTuber Jehu Garcia has a summation piece that comes in at less than nine minutes, which you will find below. Enjoy!


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Source: YouTube

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