It seems the production pause is behind us and the Tesla Model 3 will continue to reach new milestones now for the foreseeable future.

Just a few weeks ago, we reported that Tesla has registered a record number of VINs with the NHTSA, at 4,793. You'd think that would be plenty for now when considering the recent production stoppage and the fact that the automaker seemed to be hovering around 2,500 or so units a week.

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Just 17 days have passed, and now we see an even larger VIN registration, at 5,170. This puts the highest registered VIN number at 33,466.

According to Bloomberg's Tesla Model 3 tracker, at the time of this writing, the automaker is cranking out over 2,500 copies a week and has eclipsed the 20,000 mark. Of course, naysayers will continue to report that this is well below "original" targets, as well as targets that were adjusted on at least two other occasions.

This doesn't change the fact that monumental progress is being made and the Model 3 should remain the best-selling electric car in the U.S. for months or even years to come.

Additi0nally, it appears that CEO Elon Musk's newest projections, which were gleaned from an email he recently sent employees, may be the closest to reality that we've seen yet. The recent shutdown in Fremont and at the Tesla Gigafactory was an effort to make a series of upgrades to boost production.

Following the stoppage, the automaker was to switch to a new 24/7 production schedule. The upgrades, along with the increased hours are aimed at getting production up to the 3,000 to 4,000 per week level in the near future. This would be a stepping stone to at least 5,000 builds a week by the end of June.

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Gallery: Tesla Model 3 Tracker Hits 20,000 Produced, 5,170 New VINs Registered

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