Check out the Tesla Model X frunk fully exposed.

Trevor Page from Model 3 Owners Club pulls the cladding, seal, tub, and liner out of his Tesla Model X frunk to see what it looks like underneath. He puts the process on high-speed, but it's pretty obvious how to achieve this task if you're interested. Of course, there's some dirt and debris that needs to be cleaned up, and he suggests doing some preventative maintenance.

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The first interesting piece of information Trev discloses is that you can purchase the bioweapon defense HEPA filter from Tesla and install it if you choose. You won't get the related information on the SUV's touch screen, but it should do its job. He goes on to reveal and explain what each part is, as well as its function.

Trev talks about the recent Model S recall and the switch to all steel bolts to stop corrosion. This is the reason he believes that some preventative maintenance is the best idea. This is as simple as using some spray fluid film on any parts you think may need the extra protection.

There's a bunch more beneficial information in the video, so if you're a Model X owner, watch it at your leisure.

Video Description via Model 3 Owners Club on YouTube:

Spring is here and with that comes spring cleaning! We open the front frunk and take a look inside to clean things up and see if we can do some preventative maintenance.


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