What is vampire drain/phantom drain and how can you monitor it?

Some of you inquired about Ben's phantom drain issue that he reported during his Tesla Model 3 range test. Apparently, our readers weren't the only ones who wanted more details.

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During Ben's Monday live question-and-answer session, he discusses the issue. He also goes on to answer a multitude of other questions and provide a wealth of information.

Ben uses the TezLab (TesLab) app to monitor his vehicles. With this convenient and comprehensive app, you can actually track your Tesla's phantom drain, among many other stats.

This way, you can be aware of when it is happening, what may be causing it, and potentially make some adjustments to settings that will improve the issue. However, Ben is sure to point out that phantom drain is something that isn't completely avoidable with any EV.

Video Description via Teslanomics by Ben Sullins on YouTube:

In this Q&A I answer your top questions including the Phantom Drain issue I experienced in my recent Tesla Model 3 test.

If you're interested in more information about the TezLab (TesLab) app and exactly what its uses are, check out the video below. Keep in mind that this is an older video, and Ben seems confident now that TezLab (TesLab) has fixed the earlier privacy issues related to the app:

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