Nissan reached the milestone of 100,000 LEAFs (first and second generation) sold in Japan since the electric car's introduction in December 2010.

Nissan LEAF in Japan

Nissan LEAF in Japan

In recent months, Nissan LEAF sales accelerated in Japan as the second generation - introduced in October 2017 - averages some 3,000 units a month.

With more than 80,000 first gen LEAFs and nearly 20,000 new LEAFs, Japan is one of the first countries with a cumulative level of 100,000. In the U.S., sales exceed 117,000, though the new LEAF is just now arriving here.

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Sales worldwide exceeded a cumulative total of 320,000 in March.

With up to around 10,000 sales a month worldwide, the Nissan LEAF is expected to remain one of the best selling electric vehicles worldwide.

History of the Nissan LEAF in Japan

December 2010 First-generation Nissan LEAF launched with 24 kilowatt-hour battery and 200 kilometer driving range
May 2012 Vehicle-to-Home launched
November 2012 Revised with 228 kilometer driving range
September 2013 Cumulative Japan sales surpass 30,000 vehicles
December 2015 Revised with 30 kilowatt-hour battery and 280 kilometer driving range
October 2017 New Nissan LEAF launched with 40 kilowatt-hour battery and 400 kilometer driving range
March 2018 Cumulative global sales surpass 320,000 vehicles

(Driving ranges are based on Japan’s JC08 standard)

Asako Hoshino, senior vice president at Nissan and head of the Operations Committee for Japan said:

“We’re excited to reach the 100,000-vehicle milestone for sales of the Nissan LEAF in our home market of Japan, and this wouldn’t have been possible without our customers, who have embraced this great car. The era of electric vehicles is here. As a technology leader, Nissan will continue to work on Nissan Intelligent Mobility initiatives to deliver products and services that exceed customer expectations.”

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