Despite Tesla's recent Autopilot fatality, this study shows that people still trust its self-driving system above others.

Autolist polled 1,326 people during March and April. The study was specifically carried out during the time that Tesla and Uber experienced recent negative press related to fatalities involving autonomous systems.

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Toyota self-driving concept car

Toyota self-driving concept car

The recent survey shows that with all automakers and tech companies considered, 32 percent of people trust Tesla the most when it comes to self-driving tech.

Toyota was chosen by 15 percent of respondents. GM was next in line behind Toyota, with 9 percent of the support. Volkswagen received 2 percent. Even more compelling is the fact that 27 percent of respondents admitted they don't trust any company's autonomous tech.

When it comes to other companies (tech and ride-sharing), Lyft was only seen as a trustworthy brand by 2 percent of those surveyed. Surprisingly, regardless of the recent fatal incident, Uber received 6 percent support.

However, the most interesting result of the study was related to Waymo. The Google-based self-driving outfit received less than 1 percent of the vote. Many critics consider Waymo one of the top dogs in the autonomous vehicle industry. However, it's likely that many people don't even know what Waymo is.

Autolist didn't specify that Waymo is part of Google or Alphabet. This was because the study was aimed at "gauging name recognition and trust. Thus, poor name recognition could have affected Waymo’s low ranking."

Autolist points out that Tesla fans have always seemed to give credit to its Autopilot system, while mainstream media and numerous critics disagree with its merits.

Source: Autolist

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