Leave it to the EV community to come up with a battery recycling idea like this!

This YouTube vlogger is all about solar power and salvaged batteries. He gets his hand on battery packs from a Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Bolt, and Nissan LEAF to salvage. At the bottom of the page, we've included a video showing that, as well as his quick (no deep dive stuff here, but you can click below if that's your thing) Bolt EV battery pack disassembly, which is really quite interesting. 
Chevrolet Volt battery planter

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But, in terms of the Volt battery, devildestiny555 has decided on a unique and earth-friendly way to recycle the unit. Nothing wrong with creating a little extra oxygen, right?

The signature T-shape of the Volt pack makes for a nice garden planter. He says he makes an effort to recycle every part of these packs. In fact, apparently he has several of these Volt battery cases hanging around, so why throw them out and create more waste?

Video Description via devildestiny555 on YouTube:

Want to show you guys how I recycle the Chevy Volt battery down to the fiberglass case!

Check out the other battery packs and Part 1 of his quick Chevrolet Bolt EV battery teardown: