There are still sections of the Autobahn without speed restrictions, so why not conduct a top-speed run there in a Tesla Model 3?

Well, the easy answer to that would be that the Model 3 isn't available in Europe yet, so testing one there might be a bit difficult.

Thankfully though, there's this car touring Europe, the same one we caught up with in the U.S. awhile back:

We Hitched A Ride With The Tesla Model 3 Road Trip

So, performing a blast to top speed on the Autobahn in a Model 3 is possible and that's what we present here:

We should point out that performing such a test on a low battery isn't advisable and there's a chance it might be a bit faster if the battery was topped off prior to the run, but still the Model 3 doesn't seem to struggle getting up to speed, but the pace of acceleration certainly begins to fall off as it approaches its top speed.

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