If this was a dual-motor, AWD Tesla Model S, the race result would likely be different.

Unlike the dual-motor Model S, this P85 version (older generation of the Model S) is just rear-wheel-drive, which means traction at launch can be an issue.

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As you'll immediately notice in the video, wheel spin kills the Model S' off-the-line acceleration.

Meanwhile, the lightweight electric Cobra digs in hard and rockets off the line. We're almost certain the Cobra seen in this race video is the same one we've featured on InsideEVs before, meaning it's that Cobra that's powered by a Model S P85 electric motor and Enerdel batteries (see more here)

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It's just a short 1/8-mile race, so if you don't win off the line, then it's unlikely you'll cross the finish first.

As seen in the timeslip below, the electric Cobra beats the Model S P85 by more than a full 2 seconds in the 1/8-mile dash:

Cobra Time Of 7.158 Seconds Versus Model S at 9.463

Cobra Time Of 7.158 Seconds Versus Model S at 9.463

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