What might it be?

Nissan lit up its social media channels earlier today with a brief teaser video that seems to show the reflection of two headlights in the eyes of the person on screen.

The only clues we get are in the hashtags:



***UPDATE: Turns out Nissan's hyped reveal was for none other than the already-seen and on-sale 2018 LEAF. Bummer.

Those two hashtags are often linked to the new 2018 Nissan LEAF, but since we've all seen that already, there's gotta be something new we'll see tomorrow.

Telling is that it's on the Nissan Electric Twitter and Facebook pages, so it won't be some gas-fueled Nissan.

It's anyone's guess right now what we'll see tomorrow, but below we've linked to four possibilities, all of which could be wrong:

Nissan To Show Off Three All-Electric Cars at Auto China 2018

Nissan Says LEAF SUV Will Be Game Changer For Electric Segment

Nissan LEAF Slide – 225-Mile Range, $35,000 Price For 60-kWh Version

New Nissan LEAF Expected To Get NISMO Performance Treatment

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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