Let's drive the Tesla Model 3 until it's literally dead and in need of a tow.

We've seen many videos about exhausting EV batteries, but it's not often that they don't make it to a charger or back home in the final moments. Ben Sullins sets out on a trip from his California home, hoping he can make it about 310 miles to Las Vegas. According to Tesla and the EPA, will he make it?

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Tesla Model 3 real-world range test
Sullins lets us know that he's already made plans ahead of time for a tow truck, which makes it pretty clear that he will drive the car until it comes to a stop. He charges the battery to a full, 310-mile starting range and sets off.

Fairly quickly into his journey, it's already clear that he's never going to make it to Vegas, which seems about right since he's doing all freeway driving and doesn't have the aero wheels. He mentions that all driving is in good conditions and easy terrain, almost entirely on Autopilot.

One important piece of information to note is that "Tez," Ben's Model 3 has apparently been lowered, and he also makes a comment about the rims. Surely this will impact the car's range, but how and by how much?

Needless to say, Sullins turns around to head back home as he hits the halfway point, based on the estimated range the car is providing. However, he's unable to make it back home without the help of a tow truck. The fact of the matter is that the Model 3 achieves just about what it should according to the EPA's 295.5 highway range rating and actually exceeds it if you consider the phantom drain.

Video Description via Ben Sullins on YouTube:

We set out to test how many miles a Tesla Model 3 would actually get in a range test. This is our result.

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