General Motors doesn't yet offer plug-in trucks, so Efficient Drivetrains took it upon itself to recently convert a Class-4 Chevy using its EDI PowerDrive 4000 powertrain.

This particular truck is special because it's a CNG plug-in hybrid with 40+ miles (64+ km) of all-electric range, according to the manufacturer.

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EDI says that it's an industry-first electrified work truck for agriculture applications.

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The manufacturer didn't reveal the battery pack size, but something along the lines of 50 kWh would probably be required for 40 miles of range in a large truck.

"The vehicle combines the benefits of a CNG Fuel system and Plug-in Hybrid technology and is geared to help agriculture fleets switch from petroleum-based liquid fuels to domestically available, cleaner burning natural gas and electricity.

The zero-emissions vehicle features a unique technology collaboration between Efficient Drivetrains and A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems, integrating the EDI PowerDrive™ Plug-in Hybrid powertrain, and the A-1 CNG Frame-Mount (FM) natural gas system into a General Motors Class-4 work truck commonly utilized by the agriculture industry. The truck will be operated in San Joaquin Valley, a 250-mile-long region susceptible to air pollution due to its bordering mountain ranges. The technology collaboration between EDI and A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems plays a critical role in helping California meet its long-term carbon reduction goals.

While in operation in San Joaquin Valley, the new vehicle provides 40+ miles of all electric, zero-emissions driving, and range extension utilizing cleaner-burning compressed natural gas, resulting in a significant elimination of particulate matter that its traditional diesel counterparts expel. Vehicle operators will experience the expected full power OEM truck performance without change to driver behavior, with the added benefit of zero-emissions driving, cleaner air for their workforce and the surrounding community, and significantly reduced fuel costs."

Joerg Ferchau, CEO Efficient Drivetrains said:

“Collectively, the agriculture industry in California is working proactively to improve air quality and exposure to particulate pollution from traditional diesel-based vehicles, and EDI is proud to contribute to this important initiative. Our technology collaboration with A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems, combines the value of electricity with cleaner burning natural gas, delivering a full-powered, zero-emission capable truck, on a vehicle platform commonly utilized by the agriculture industry. We’re looking forward to continuing to develop commercially available electrified options for the agriculture industry at large."

Josh Gilio, Vice President A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems said:

“A-1 is proud to collaborate with EDI on this initiative to help bring yet another clean energy vehicle option to the marketplace. Combining the experience and expertise of both A-1 and EDI made this project a great success and we look forward to continuing to be at the forefront of technological advancements in the alternative fuel arena.”

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