More than 800,000 plug-in electric cars were sold in the U.S. during the last nine years - almost half of that falls on California, which aims for 1.5 million by 2025.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

California plug-in electric car sales are nearing the level of 400,000 units, which is expected to be reached this April.

The most recent graphic from Veloz shows 388,815 sales through the end of March (with 12,631 in March alone).

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California is leading the U.S. in plug-in car sales because it's the largest car market in the country, with high wealth, incentives and lots of available models to choose from.

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Electric cars in California have access to nearly 15,000 charging places too.

Plug-in electric car sales in U.S. and California (source: <a href=Veloz)" draggable="false">

Plug-in electric car sales in U.S. and California (source: Veloz)

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