It seems used Tesla Model 3 sedans being purchased and exported is going to become a growing trend.

We previously shared a story about the first Tesla Model 3 in Ukraine. Crazily, it was the same Model 3 that InsideEVs contributor Daniel Zorrilla and The Drive editor Alex Roy used to set the recent U.S. coast-to-coast electric cannonball run. An auto dealership in Ukraine reportedly bought it to show it off to customers.

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Tesla Model 3 charge port (U.S.)

Tesla Model 3 charge port (U.S.)

Another recent story involved an unnamed German automaker, or perhaps multiple European automakers, buying up some Model 3s to benchmark. This is not uncommon and surely a whole lot better than renting someone's personal car and dismantling it, but that's another story involving Mercedes and a Tesla Model X.

The newest related story involves a German rental car company (Arndt Automobile) purchasing three Model 3 vehicles to rent out to European customers. The rental company already owns a Model S P100D and Model X P90D in its current fleet.

We were wondering what the story would be with regards to charging, since adapters aren't the same. However, as Electrek points out, a related Facebook post clarifies that the company has an adapter for Supercharging in Europe.

According to Electrek, there have been reports of Model 3s for sale in Europe that have been imported, and some people are even using a U.S. address to take delivery of the new electric car on our shores and then export it to their overseas location. There's no doubt of this car's ridiculous popularity across the globe.

Below is Autovermietung Arndt's Facebook post. If you click on the icon in the top right corner, it will take you to Facebook where you can read the entire post (translate if needed) and follow the related comments:

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Source: Facebook via Electrek

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