Mountain Pass Performance shares its adventure, along with the developing, testing, and tuning Tesla Model 3 coilovers and suspension arms.

A friend of InsideEVs, Sasha Anis owns Mountain Pass Performance and On Point Dyno. He, along with his team, have been working hard on new performance parts for the Tesla Model 3. Sasha's been keeping us posted along the way and we've been waiting for the process to come to a close so that we could share it all with you.

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We've included Sasha's story below, along with some exclusive pictures provided by Mountain Pass Performance. At the bottom of the page is also a link to the Tesla Motors Club forum thread for the topic. Check that out to learn more and to communicate with Sasha regarding the experience and the new equipment.

California Trip 1 - Testing Our Coilovers And Suspension Arms

Since there are no Model 3’s available in Toronto, we had to come to California! We rented a car and are in the process of testing our coil-overs and suspension arms. We’ve run through multiple sets of springs already, and we’ve got more development worked slated for the next few days.

The mountain roads we are testing on are world renowned. We couldn’t ask for a better place to do chassis setup work – there are corners of all types here – high speed, low speed, compressions, smooth, bumpy, it’s the ideal testing ground. We’ll have a ton of media to share, and hope you will enjoy it.

For now, here’s a quick photo of the car from the famous Alice’s Restaurant. We’re hosting a Tesla meetup on Wednesday the 21st of March to share our car and meet with those that are interested in performance electric cars. The views are truly breathtaking, as are the roads.

California Trip 2 – Tesla Meetup At Alice’s Restaurant

Last night a group of Tesla Model 3 owners and reservation holders met up with us at the famous Alice’s Restaurant for dinner and to share our experiences with the car so far. We also had the pleasure of being able to take everyone for a ride in our Model 3 equipped with our coilovers and suspension arms!

I was most surprised (in a good way) about the performance oriented outlook everyone at the meetup had. Perhaps those were the only people that wanted to venture up the twisty roads to Alice’s, but either way it is extremely encouraging that there are so many people that want to see electric car performance grow!

We were blown away at how excited everyone was about our coilovers and we couldn’t be more pleased. This is a new venture for us and we’ve been nervous that the demand may not be there for performance upgrades for these cars. The group last night helped put some of those worries aside, which is a welcome sigh of relief for us!

Hopefully the Northern California Tesla community will continue to meet up at Alice’s and we look forward to hosting another meetup next time we are in town! We have a video in the works of our trip including this meet, so make sure you subscribe for updates to our blog.

Thanks to everyone that came and welcomed us and shared your experiences with the car. It’s helpful for us and it’s great insight into what you all want to see developed for this game changing vehicle.

*Alice’s Restaurant is a famous meetup around some of the best roads in the country. Alice’s is the central spot for car and bike meets of all types. What a place.

Video Description via Sasha Anis on YouTube:

Mountain Pass Performance Tesla Model 3 Coilover Development

We've been designing our Tesla Model 3 coilovers and suspension arms for some time, and here we are in California to test and tune them. Watch our adventure!

We couldn't be more excited to start tuning on this platform. The car out of the box is incredible, and we've been able to make the car look better and handle even better with suspension technology by KW, and our upgraded suspension arms that remove the soft, cheap rubber bushings from rear toe and camber arms and replace them with booted and greased sealed spherical bearings.

We welcome the new age of tuning with open arms. Thanks to everyone that has supported us on our journey so far, and thanks to One Lap Kings for covering this journey.

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Tesla Model 3 - Mountain Pass Performance

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