Surely a trike is no match for the mighty Tesla Model S, right?

Normally, we'd expect this to be an easy win for the Tesla, but with this clip being from a TV show (Silicon Valley - HBO), we almost expected this kind of outcome.

Real Racing - Check Out Slo-Mo Launch Of Tesla Model S P100D – Plus It Races Hellcat, Camaro

The trike gets the early jump, but soon the Tesla driver notices a potential race and activates Insane mode to blast off the line. The Model S overtakes the trike and the driver begins to boast, but then a parked truck jumps out of nowhere.

Video description:

This is a funny scene from Season 5 Episode 2 when Dinesh roasts Gilfoyle's electric vehicle & calls it a bike as an insult, only for Gilfoyle to just take the bike lane. Dinesh puts the Tesla in insane (ludicrous) mode & races him, but crashes into the back of a truck. The frunk gets frucked up.

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