Most countries are far from 90,000 plug-in electric car sales annually - but in China, sales of electric buses alone nearly hit 90,000 in 2017 and that result was 23% worse than 2016!

Yutong electric buses

Yutong electric buses

The 89,546 sales reported for 2017 is less than one year ago, because the Chinese government decreased subsidies.

Surprising for us is that BYD is far from being the biggest New Energy Bus manufacturer as Yutong sold 24,857!

BYD was second with "just" 12,777, followed by Zhongtong - 8,167. The rest of the manufacturers sold 43,745.

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The numbers from China must be especially depressing for the European and North American manufacturers, which at best are in the hundreds or two a year.

China needs to deal with subsidy changes though - as the overall market shrank by 23%, while BYD and Yutong increased sales and share.

Source: EV Sales Blog

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