Nissan boasts 70 years of EV heritage and you can see it all right here in under four minutes.

We've shared some stories and video footage over the years of early electric vehicles. It's interesting to know that electric cars actually preceded gas-powered cars. In fact, around the turn of the century, electric vehicles outsold gas cars. The first of these were simply horse-drawn carriages, with no horses, but rather a battery and motor for propulsion.

Way to go! Nissan LEAF Sales Hit 1,500 In U.S. In March - Highest Since June 2017

2018 Nissan LEAF
Sadly, it wasn't long before ICE cars took over and dominated, as they continue to do so today. This is not to say that many automakers didn't still dabble with the technology over the years.

Few people are aware that Nissan was working on electric vehicles long before the present-day all-electric LEAF (which is the best-selling electric car of all time, at least on a global level).

Nissan's first EV was a prototype, two-seat electric truck called the Tama. The automaker went on to produce a two-door, four-seat electric car shortly thereafter.

The current model year brings the all-new second-generation 2018 Nissan LEAF, which will soon come with a larger battery and more range. The automaker has also announced that it will begin to significantly expand upon its EV lineup in the near future.

Video Description via Nissan on YouTube:

Nissan has been a pioneer in creating and developing electric vehicles (EV). With 70 years of EV heritage, built on the legacy of Prince Motors, Nissan's goal is to bring the benefits of EV to more people in more places.

In 1947, the company succeeded in creating a prototype 2-seater truck (500kg load capacity) with a 4.5hp motor and a new body design. It was named "Tama" after the area where it was produced. Its top speed was 34km/h. Next, they created their first passenger car: with 2 doors and seating for 4, it boasted a top speed of 35km/h and a cruising range of 65km on a single charge.

While much has changed, in design and technology, since the Tama's debut, many of the same features and benefits remain and seen in the new Nissan LEAF.

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