It appears Bjørn Nyland was really impressed with the BMW i8 and he's fed up with his Tesla Model X, so he's making a surprising change.

When it comes to vloggers in the electric vehicle world, Nyland is surely one of the most entertaining to watch. He's full of jokes and some pretty hilarious language. Half the time, we don't even know if he's trying to be funny or it's just his personality. Nonetheless, he's always a joy to watch.

Watch This Abuse: Bjørn Nyland Ruins His Tesla Model X Winter Off-Roading

This video shows a rare occasion in which Nyland is going outside of his comfort zone ... in more ways than one. Not only is he trying to relay a very "real" and "serious" issue, but also he's making the difficult life decision to switch back to a fossil car.
BMW i8 Bjorn Nyland

If you've watched any of Nyland's videos, you know that he's honest. Whether there's a good or bad message about his Tesla vehicle, he's more than willing to share the truth. You also know that he hates fossil cars.

Nonetheless, after so many recent issues with his Model X, Optimus Prime (most of which are likely the result of the way he treats it, as well as the frigid Norway climate), he just can't deal with it anymore.

At least we may have some decent video reviews of the BMW i8 to share in the near future ...

In the meantime, we hope you were ROTFLOL like we were. Wow! There's really no words ...

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

That's it. I was sick of all the issues with my Tesla. So I decided to trade my Model X P90D aka Optimus Prime for a BMW i8. Now I don't have to worry about charging the car anymore.

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BMW i8

Gallery: Bjørn Trades In Problematic Tesla Model X For BMW i8


Gallery: Bjørn Trades In Problematic Tesla Model X For BMW i8

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