At 12:01 AM EST today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk apparently decided it was time to send out a congratulatory email to Tesla employees.

The email, focused on Tesla Model 3 production, stated that the ramp up to this level has been "extremely difficult," but Musk noted "we are finally here."

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Well, not quite.

The email further stated the following:

“If things go as planned today, we will comfortably exceed that number over a seven day period!” 

This means that, provided everything stays on track today, Model 3 production will have met or exceeded 2,000 units over the past 7-day work period.

***UPDATE: We've embedded the full email via Tweet below, as well as a screen grab of just the email (source @Tweetermeyer):

Musk Email Obtained By <a href=@Tweetermeyer" draggable="false">

Musk Email Obtained By @Tweetermeyer


This does not imply that, going forward, all 7-day periods will hit or break past 2,000, but rather that the automaker was successful in hitting that Model 3 volume at least once thus far.

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Source: @Tweetermeyer Jalopnik

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