It stops short of impact, but it's obvious Autopilot is not capable of correctly handling this situation.

The video uploader is attempting to recreate the same situation in which a Tesla Model X driver lost his life last week.

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That unfortunate event occurred while the Model X was on Autopilot and, as we can see in this video, a similar wreck is set to occur again under a close-to-identical setup.

As the video depicts, the car merges into the lane in which the off-ramp divider is positioned. Rather than attempting to exit the freeway, Autopilot decides to stay within the markings that lead it on a crash-course with the divider.

Video description:

Tesla AP2.5 takes a wrong turn into gore point barricade.

An overlooked portion of Tesla's statement on the wreck has been posted below:

Tesla Autopilot does not prevent all accidents – such a standard would be impossible – but it makes them much less likely to occur. It unequivocally makes the world safer for the vehicle occupants, pedestrians and cyclists.

No one knows about the accidents that didn’t happen, only the ones that did. The consequences of the public not using Autopilot, because of an inaccurate belief that it is less safe, would be extremely severe. There are about 1.25 million automotive deaths worldwide. If the current safety level of a Tesla vehicle were to be applied, it would mean about 900,000 lives saved per year. We expect the safety level of autonomous cars to be 10 times safer than non-autonomous cars.

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