One of the biggest considerations when buying a new car is how much it will cost to "fuel" it, so here's an idea of what that might look like for the Tesla Model 3.

YouTube vloggers Zac and Jesse from NowYouKnow have been driving their Model 3 for several months now, so they have a good idea about how much it has cost them to keep it charged. In fact, they've been putting together informative Model 3-related videos since just about the first day they received the car. The nice part is that their videos are short, to the point, and easy-to-understand, especially for those that are new to the segment.

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Find Out How Much It Costs To Charge Tesla Model 3
For those that don't know the process, the guys take you through exactly how to figure out fuel costs. They use an Audi A4 for the ICE portion, since its pretty comparable to the Model 3 in many ways. Their quick math (because the calculations for an ICE car are pretty straightforward) puts its fuels costs at $933 per year.

You'll need a much bigger napkin to figure out the math for the Tesla Model 3. This is because you have to deal with MPGe and kWh, etc. While this info is old hat for long-time EV owners, the general population probably needs some coaching. Fortunately, NowYouKnow does a stellar job of making sure that this information is crystal clear.

Anyhow, in the end, the Model 3 costs as little as $231 and as much as $636 to travel the same amount of miles as the gas-powered Audi. This is because electricity rates vary geographically. Taking an average, they figure a savings of $558 per year. They also briefly touch on off-peak rates and how to figure out Supercharging costs.

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Video description via NowYouKnow on YouTube:

On this episode, Zac and Jesse do the math to find out how much it will cost to charge your Tesla Model 3! Now You Know!

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