Much like that epic race against the cheetah, this one puts a Formula E race car against some unlikely competition.

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The Formula E car, driven by Jerome D’Ambrosio, goes up against an Airbus 350 in the first race and then faces off against a Boeing 787 Dreamliner in what we'll refer to a Top Gear (or...umm...The Grand Tour) style.

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Formula E and Qatar Airways Head-to-head in Doha in new partnership!


To announce our new partnership with Qatar Airways, we put our car up against some of their modern fleet...

We put Qatar Airways’ most modern aircraft, the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner, up against our Spark SRT_01E. Using their home and hub Hamad International Airport as the venue, we closed a runway and pitted the Formula E car and driven by Jerome D’Ambrosio in a man-and-machine race like no other. Matched up against an Airbus A350 taking off, can the Formula E car keep the lead before the plane leaves the ground? And then on the return leg, how did the Formula E car fare against a landing Boeing 787 Dreamliner? Can a car outrun two planes?

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