The GT-inspired concept is the company's first all-electric effort, and it's sweet.

Genesis, the luxury brand of Hyundai, just pulled the covers off this stunning electric concept car called Essentia, and to say it’s striking among the various machines on the auto show floor is an understatement.

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This concept is a first for Genesis in many ways. For starters, it’s chock full of carbon fiber from the body to its monocoque structure and chassis. It’s also the company’s first full-on battery-electric vehicle, and though details on the power are not available, it’s said to have multiple electric motors that can send the Essentia to 60 miles per hour in an estimated three seconds. Of course, this is a concept vehicle with vague details so take that with a grain of salt.

What should be taken very seriously, however, is just how good this car looks. Genesis says the Essentia embodies the classic Gran Turismo design elements, namely a long hood with swept-back styling and a low profile. In fact, the roof only sits 50 inches off the ground thanks to an I-shaped battery layout that installs in the car’s center tunnel instead of underneath. Butterfly doors open on either side to reveal a posh interior with brown leather seats in front and blue velvet in the back, and of course there’s plenty of carbon fiber and aluminum trim to be found.

Given that the Essentia is entirely electric, one might wonder what resides under that long GT-inspired hood where normally you’d find a big V12. In this case, the car is fitted with clear bodywork that reveals the carbon-fiber chassis, suspension components, and yes, storage space as well. There’s additional storage space in the rear, but the motors are thus far a mystery. Presumably they are located at each wheel like the Rimac Concept One.

Genesis also emphasizes the Essentia is about reducing interior clutter while creating a strong connection between the car and its driver. That sounds like marketing-speak for sure, but there’s something very interesting about this concept that seems to back that up. It carries all kinds of tech as one would expect, including extensive vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, and a smart nav system that will choose routes based on “driver inclination” and automatically set up the car to suit the driver’s style. One thing we didn’t see mentioned anywhere – not even hinted at – was any sort of autonomous control.

In this day and age, that is indeed a very interesting omission. Then again, with a machine this stunning, how could you not want to drive it?

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