While we only get a brief glimpse of the Porsche Mission E tooling around Nürburgring, it's pretty sweet to watch.

It seems 15 seconds is really all you need to check out the upcoming Porsche Mission E in all of its glory. While Volkswagen Group, as well as some other German automakers, seem to be dragging their feet and riding on a constant wave of future announcements, it's becoming increasingly obvious that the Mission E is the real deal.

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Remember, the Mission E is not a Tesla Model S competitor. Though there was some confusion surrounding the CEO's recent comments, watching a video like this seals the deal. A stock Model S would have no place in this type of setting.

Sure the Model S is a sporty, family sedan, but the Mission E is a sports car in the true sense of the definition. The fact that it's all-electric and has reasonable room for passengers is a substantial bonus. Let's hope it arrives sooner rather than later, especially since the family of vehicles set to follow it may surely be game-changers.

Video Description via EMS Nordschleife TV on YouTube (*translated from German):

Companies from the international automotive and tire industries have joined forces to form a community of interest, the so-called industrial pool, in order to carry out trial and test drives exclusively on the Nordschleife. Access to the test track is only given to trained drivers who have met the special requirements of the Nürburgring Nordschleife. All persons participating in the trial operation must have very good knowledge of the course and risks of the Nordschleife, sufficient driving experience and vehicle control to the limit and be familiar with the rules of the industrial pool.


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