As electric vehicle adoption continues to accelerate, so does the need for EV charging infrastructure.

I've personally installed a couple dozen EVSEs in the past eight years, and I've always had my EV with me, so I could test the unit to make sure it was working before I left.


However, most installers don't have that luxury. Most of the time a new EVSE is installed, the technician leaves the site without knowing for sure if the unit is operational.

Testing the line voltage

Testing the line voltage

In fact, since I know many of the electrical contractors in my area, and they know how involved I am in the local EV community, I've had a couple call me when they were installing a new EVSE. They asked if I could stop when they were finished, and plug my car in to and verify that the station indeed worked.

This isn't the first EVSE tester I've heard of, but it's probably the best I've seen so far, considering its diagnostic options and size.  In fact, ClipperCreek has had a less sophisticated product on the market for a few years now, the CP-15.

That unit was pretty basic and only verified the power was available and it could simulate a line fault. The new CP-50 offers more options for the installer to test and is still very compact, yet well made, as is all of ClipperCreek products.

Testing both the line voltage and the proximity resistance

Testing both the line voltage and the proximity resistance

From the ClipperCreek Press release:

CP-50’s primary functions include:         

·         Verifying EVSE operations without a vehicle

·         Simulating vehicle connected and charge requested

·         Simulating CCID charging fault to ensure EVSE safety circuitry is functioning properly

 Pair the CP-50 with a Digital Volt Meter to:

·         Measure incoming service voltage, each line to ground and line to line

·         Verify SAE-J1772™ connector proximity switch resistance is within specification range

·         Conduct advanced cable/connector troubleshooting

Pair the CP-50 with an Oscilloscope for:

·         Easy access test points to view SAE J1772™ pilot signal at various states (i.e. vehicle connected, charge requested)

The CP-50 costs $250 and is available to purchase from ClipperCreek Website.

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