A Tesla Model X caught fire after a horrific three-car crash that results in the X hitting a barrier before coming to a stop.

Lead Image Source: Ian Cull On Twitter

Image Source: Dean C Smith - Twitter (embedded below)

***UPDATE MARCH 27 - NTSB opens investigation. See embedded Tweet below:

The crash occurred on the southbound section of Highway 101 in Mountain View, California.

Update: Sadly, reports now confirm that the driver has passed away.

Below are some pictures of the scene and the wreckage (Hat tip to AnonyMouse!):

KRON 4 reports:

The driver of the Tesla was taken to a nearby hospital with major injuries, according to CHP (California Highway Patrol).

There was a total of three vehicles involved. No other injuries were reported, CHP says.

The X caught fire sometime shortly after impact. The impact appears to have mostly ripped the vehicle in two.

After the Model X hit the median, it "landed in the second left-most lane of Highway 101," according to ABC7. It was then struck by a Mazda. An Audi was involved in the wreck too.

No other concrete details are known at this time.

Timeline of Event Via PD

Timeline of Event Via PD

Sources: KRON 4, ABC7, NBC

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