Hopefully, this iteration of the Tesla Autopilot taping trend seals the deal.

We recently shared a video in which a Tesla owner systematically covered up Autopilot cameras with tape. His goal was to find out if the car would still allow the system to control the vehicle, but also to figure out which cameras are currently active.

Not long after the first video, we updated the post. One of our readers tracked down a similar video that attempted to debunk the original claims. You can check out that post and decide for yourself which test is better and what the overall results confirm:


Tesla Autopilot taping
Now, we have the icing on the cake. It turns out, our own good friend and supporter Kman Auto - who likes to make such videos and does a stellar job - previously took to the task of figuring this situation out. He used duct tape to cover cameras and learn exactly what was going on with the Tesla Autopilot system.

So, it appears that these other recent videos were just an attempt to recreate what Kman had already done in the past, although it was an older version of Autopilot, the concept and results are still interesting and valid.

He also took the time to get a necessary detail from a Tesla service tech (the side and rear cameras were, in fact, activated and "seeing," but for now, they're only for data collection, rather than assisting with Autopilot). It is our understanding that this is still currently the case, despite the recent updates.

The comical part, at least from our perspective, is we can imagine that with all of these people taping the cameras, Tesla's data collection is likely going haywire. Ok ... probably not completely true, but still pretty funny.

Video Description via Kman Auto on YouTube:

Tesla Autopilot 2, How many cameras does it use? ---------- With a 100D Autopilot AP2 car in hand, Let's find out how many cameras are actually needed to allow AP2 to function. Results are surprising! The car only needs a single Forward Camera, but what about redundancy?

Side Note, found out after the filming of this video from a service tech, that Tesla is passively using the side and rear cameras for data gathering, but not in use for Autopilot yet.

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