It turns out, even Tesla toys are quicker than the competition.

However, had the race gone on any longer, it looked as though the young lady in the pink Corvette may have passed the Model S, which would probably be the case in real life as well. However, this wouldn't be considered a fair race since she purposely bumped the Tesla shortly after takeoff. Perhaps no one told her it wasn't a bump-and-run.

We've shared the Radio Flyer Tesla Model S with you before. Most recently, Verne Troyer (AKA Mini-me) unboxed one that he got himself as a Christmas present. It has a lot of unique features that make it stand out from other toy cars:

Verne Troyer (AKA Mini-Me) Gets A Tesla For Christmas

Now, back to the current video. We honestly thought that the toy version of the Nikola NZT UTV would have sandblasted the competition here. Perhaps that would have been true if the race was moved to rougher terrain?

What happens in real life when a Corvette gets pit against a Model S? It turns out that back in 2016, Drag Times' very first race with its Tesla Model S P100D was against a Corvette Z06. Click here to check that out. Below, we've included another video and some photos of the Model S for your viewing pleasure:


Gallery: Watch Tesla Model S Win This Rather Childish Race

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