With reports of some automakers benchmarking the Tesla Model 3, what is Porsche's stance?

We've all heard time and time again that the upcoming Porsche Mission E will be a true Tesla Model S competitor. This makes sense since it will be a luxury electric sedan with room for more than a few passengers. Though it seems that Porsche is following Tesla's lead in more than a few ways, CEO Oliver Blume says the Mission E isn't a Model S challenger.

This comment is a bit interesting since we previously reported that Porsche's North American CEO has a very different view.


Porsche CEO -
Nonetheless, as the German performance automaker pumps $7.4 billion into its electric car efforts, apparently Tesla is not on its radar. Porsche plans to electrify about a third of its vehicle lineup by 2022.

The Mission E battery-electric sedan (which doesn't have an official name yet) will be the first offering, followed by the Cross Turismo SUV. The automaker is also making plans for a fast-charging network.

The Mission E's specs certainly rival the Tesla Model S and there is no other pure-electric, high-performance sedan on the market at this point. But, at a recent press conference, CEO Oliver Blume shared:

“Tesla is not a benchmark for us.”

It seems that this was really a nice way of saying that Porsche intends for its electric sedan to be a giant leap above the Tesla Model S, especially in terms of charging. With its 800-volt battery, the car will accept an 80-percent charge in a mere 15 minutes. The 400-volt variant will do the same in about 40 minutes.

Porsche is joining Formula E next season with an iteration of the Mission E to get a better grasp of the vehicle's motor and thermal management systems.

Source: Forbes

Gallery: Porsche CEO - "Tesla Is Not A Benchmark For Us"

Gallery: Porsche CEO - "Tesla Is Not A Benchmark For Us"

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