Where do people in the U.S. want to work? LinkedIn tells us what they've determined, and Tesla makes a worthy showing.

LinkedIn chooses its Top Companies "Where the US Wants To Work Now" entirely based on the actions of its 546+ million members. Of these members, 146 million are from the U.S. The website looks at "interest in the company, engagement with the company’s employees, job demand and employee retention" to come up with its results.


Below is a look at LinkedIn's methodology behind the list:

How the list was assembled

The methodology is designed to measure interest in a company’s jobs and people, as well as a company’s ability to retain its employees. Some of the metrics include:
LinkedIn Chooses Tesla #5 Overall On Top Companies List

• Job demand: At what rate are people viewing and applying to job postings, including paid listings, unpaid ones and those linked from other sites? All job views and applications are normalized for the total number of job postings.

• Engagement with the company: How many professionals are viewing a company’s career page? How many new followers has the company attracted?

• Interest in its employees: How many non-employees are viewing and asking to connect with a company’s employees?

• Retention: Are employees sticking around for at least a year?

We then normalize all the results to ensure that companies are measured against peers.

Some final points: Our analysis only includes companies with over 500 employees; takes into account actions from the 12 months ending in

LinkedIn Chooses Tesla #5 Overall On Top Companies List
January; rolls up a company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries into the parent company’s final score and description; and — as with all LinkedIn Lists — excluded LinkedIn and its parent, Microsoft, from consideration.

This year, Tesla made the fifth spot overall on LinkedIn's list of 50 companies. Only Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, and Salesforce topped Tesla (in that order). Additionally, there are no other automakers on the list.

What does LinkedIn have to say about Tesla overall?

The company takes big risks. Tesla is building the largest battery factory on the planet, testing electric semis, and touting the fastest production car ever made (the future, second-generation Roadster).

Not to mention the whole solar roof and home/business battery department. Yes, the automaker is struggling to ramp-up Model 3 production to mirror original guidance, but it's building its team and tech to do so.

Per LinkedIn, the company has a global headcount of 37,000 employees, and 500,000 people applied for a job at Tesla in 2017 (related story above). Every employee gets stock options, and as far as Tesla stock goes, that's a pretty big deal.

Source: LinkedIn

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