Interestingly, Tesla Model 3 VIN registrations are way up, but Bloomberg's tracker shows production is down.

The curious part about this observation is that Bloomberg's tracker relies primarily on NHTSA VIN registrations. Of course, that's not the only data the publication uses, but even its second method uses VINs reported on social media.


Tesla Model 3 VIN Registrations Up, Production Down
As we've said all along, VINs can give us a bit of an idea of which direction production is headed, but it's surely not a true indication of production, and especially not deliveries.

This is even more true related to Tesla, since the automaker registers VINs for models it may not even build for an extended period of time and skips numbers altogether to throw a monkey wrench in peoples' estimates.

According to Electrek, VINs suggest that Model 3 production "could be 2,000 units per week." This is an extremely optimistic viewpoint, especially when considering that the line has been down periodically and the automaker has yet to prove big delivery numbers with the new car.

The publication does suggest that even though Tesla has registered over 15,000 Model 3 VINs, it may not have produced so many cars. As of the time of this writing, Bloomberg estimates that the company has built 10,411 Model 3 sedans.

As you can see, Tesla registered over 2,000 new VINs on March 20, 2018. Electrek shared that this is some 4,500 thus far this March. The premise is that if VIN registration is ramping up, it may correlate with increased production. Nonetheless, the Bloomberg tracker shows production slowing again to 817 per week at this point.

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Sources: Electrek, Bloomberg

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