ABB, known mostly for its DC fast charging stations, launched a new family of AC charging stations.

According to ABB, this is the most economical charging solution for homes and businesses in the company's offering, but we didn't spot pricing yet.

There are three power levels - 4.6 kW (single-phase) and 11 kW or 22 kW (three-phase).

"The new AC wallbox portfolio, comprised of 52 different types in total, provides a high quality, cost effective electric car charging point for private and business use. The latest addition further strengthens ABB’s comprehensive portfolio of smarter building solutions from lighting to heating, music, security and car charging.

Easy to fit and with a compact design of 50 by 25 cm2, the wallbox can be installed at homes or offices. It is particularly suited to businesses that wish to provide overnight charging facilities for customers, such as those in the hospitality business.

Manufactured with a robust all-weather enclosure for indoor and outdoor use, wallboxes are available in different versions, offering 4.6 and 11 kW AC charging as well as 22 kW AC 3-phase charging. As with all ABB products, expert assistance with fitting and maintaining the wallboxes is only a phone call away through the company’s global technical support services."

ABB AC wallboxes

ABB AC wallboxes

ABB AC wallboxes

ABB AC wallboxes

"Compatible with the industry standard Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), the ABB AC wallbox is future-proof and enabled for authentication and load balancing.

For added flexibility, the wallboxes offer a range of connector types including type 2 socket, type 2 socket with shutter and type 1 and type 2 cable. For locations where wall mounting is difficult, a range of pedestals are available including one charger, two chargers back to back or two chargers in a 90 degree angle. Wallboxes are also available with or without energy meter, load balancing, back office integration and UMTS/3G modem.

Other key optional features include: Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and key authorization for increased security; sim card models for data communication; input current limiting software to match site requirements; communication interface for intelligently controlled charging and web tools for statistics, configuration and access management."


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Frank Mühlon, Head of ABB’s Global Business for Electric Vehicle Charging, said:

“With the continued growth in sales of hybrid and battery powered electric cars, businesses and drivers are looking for simple and cost-effective vehicle charging solutions.”

“Charging should not be an interruption to the day, which is why we have extended our portfolio with the AC wallbox, which is simple to install and use at home or work. Drivers will now enjoy being able to just plug their car in overnight and get on with their day.”

“With the launch of the AC wallbox, customers can now benefit from charging solutions that are connected to their building infrastructure. Regardless of where they live and work, ABB now offers a smart solution to meet their needs.”

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