A Porsche and Mustang driver decide to duke it out, and along comes a Tesla Model S P100D to show them who's boss.

We've got another video of a spontaneous street race. Thankfully, no one was hurt. This time, two ICE sports cars decided to do a bit of showing off. This is always a stupid and selfish idea when you're driving in traffic and peoples' safety is at stake. Nonetheless, the Tesla driver noticed the situation and silently flew by the two unsuspecting drivers.

Watch - TESLA MODEL S  vs. PORSCHE 911


It's not hard to notice when a few gas guzzlers decide to race. Generally, things get pretty noisy. You've got the revving of the engines, exhaust fumes are plentiful, and usually some wildly shrieking tires off the line (depending on the driver, of course).

On the contrary, the electric car comes up to speed instantaneously, with no sound, no smell, and often very little tire spin due to the heavy weight and low center of gravity.

The Porsche was the winner before Mr. Tesla showed up. We also know that if this race went on for any length, the Porsche would have the endurance, agility, and speed to kick major butt. However, it's also not a five- to seven-seat family sedan. Thankfully, the Porsche Mission E is coming!

Video Description via T ma on YouTube:

Mustang was racing Porsche.....I think the Tesla inadvertently ruined their fun! Lol

*Of course, we at InsideEVs don't advise or condone street racing, since it's unsafe and against the law. But, what's done is done and it appears no one was hurt, so we're sharing.

Source: Teslarati

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