Electric GT Tesla Model S tested on the track.

The Tesla Model S P100D that will form the basis for an all-electric championship scheduled for launch in 2018 is tested in the latest edition of our sister-publication, Motorsport.tv’s The Flying Lap.

Electric GT Tesla

Electric GT Tesla

Craig Scarborough and Autosport's Ben Anderson preview the 2018,Tesla-based Electric GT Championship from the Pau-Arnos circuit in the Pyrenees.

Ben Anderson headed to French track Pau-Arnos to put the Electric GT Championship car through its paces, and was impressed.

“Electric GT is a very intriguing concept, built around a battery-powered car, featuring bodywork made from grass (yes, really!), racing on circuits that get all their energy from the sun,” said Anderson of his experience."

“Its architects are concerned with finding a sustainable future for motorsport, which is only going to become more important as fossil fuels dry up."

“Electric GT is ambitious, and has a fair way to travel before it becomes reality, but Tesla has been at the forefront of developing electric cars for the road. Electric GT aims to be at the forefront of developing an environmentally friendly future for motor racing, which is a laudable aim that deserves support.”

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