I.D. is on its way, says Volkswagen.

Just ~100 weeks from launching production of its first all-electric car based on the next generation MEB platform, Volkswagen held its "MEB Supplier Summit" in Wolfsburg earlier this month.

Volkswagen I.D.

Volkswagen I.D.

The I.D. model is scheduled for production in late 2019 at its Zwickau plant in Saxony. Production volume is claimed to be 100,000 in 2020.

In total, the Volkswagen brand aims to have more than 20 BEVs by 2022.

"The largest product and technology offensive in the history of the Volkswagen brand is now taking shape. 100 weeks ahead of the planned start of production of the first model in the I.D. family, the brand Board of Management agreed on milestones in the run-up to production with key suppliers at the "MEB Supplier Summit". The first vehicle based on the new modular electric drive kit (MEB) is to be the compact all-electric Volkswagen I.D.1) which is to roll off the production line at the Zwickau plant in Saxony from the end of 2019."

The MEB toolkit includes electric motors with different power ratings and flat batteries in the floorpan.

New MEB Architecture To Underpin 300+ Mile Mid-Size EV From VW For 2019

New MEB Architecture To Underpin 300+ Mile Mid-Size EV From VW For 2019

Together with his colleagues on the Board of Management and the top managers of key suppliers, Dr. Herbert Diess, the CEO of the Volkswagen brand, signed an agreement based on partnership to ensure an excellent start of production. Diess:

"Our preparations for entry to the new era of affordable e-mobility are well underway. In this unique industrial project, we intend to work together to ensure that Europe is ahead in the global race to the lead in e-mobility. Zwickau will therefore be developing into the largest European e-mobility center. This will enable us to write a new chapter in the history of the automobile."

In the space of five years, the Volkswagen Group brands are to launch a total of 32 models based on the new platform throughout the world. Diess emphasized the dimensions of the project: "We are determined to take the lead. The Volkswagen brand alone will be offering more than 20 all-electric models by 2022 and will be investing about €6 billion in e-mobility over the next five years."

Ralf Brandstätter, Board of Management Member responsible for Procurement, explained:

"To date, more than 100 suppliers have already been nominated within the framework of our electric offensive. What I find important is the fact that a new type of cooperation for our partners and Volkswagen begins today - we are involving top suppliers in development work on the I.D. project considerably more intensively and at a significantly earlier stage."

In 2020, more than 100,000 Volkswagen vehicles will be built on the MEB platform, said Christian Senger, Vice President Product Line e-Mobility:

"We have significantly reduced the complexity of the I.D. project and shortened the product creation process by 11 months. The new vehicle architecture, autonomous driving and the topics of networking and services will call for a working model involving close networking with all partners and suppliers. The plan for the product has been set out and we will now devote all our energy to implementing it together."

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