Robert Llewellyn recently had the unique experience of driving a train... a battery-powered train.

The demonstrator vehicle, equipped with a 90 kWh / 180 kWh battery pack from Valence, is tested at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre by company called VivaRail.

VivaRail intends to offer conversions of the old Class 230 trains to electric, by replacing the generator with a battery equal in size.

After the Tesla Semi unveiling and announcement of 500 miles (800 km) of range with payload, we are wondering whether battery improvements will now lead to electric trains at some point in the future?

"The future of trains? With many train lines in the U.K. not electrified, we still run diesel powered rolling stock. Noisy and dirty.

Earlier this year Robert took a gentle trip on an experimental battery powered train produced by an innovative company called VivaRail. They have started developing a simple solution to this problem, recycled battery trains.

Get your slippers on, release your dead man's handle and prepare yourself for some lovely old bogies."

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