Motiv Power Systems announced the introduction of EPIC (Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis) - a family of chassis for all-electric trucks and buses.

It's the next step for Motiv (founded in 2009), which began by providing powertrain kits.

EPIC was shown at the 2018 Work Truck Show on March 7 in Indianapolis. Displaying the chassis with Ford is related to receiving Ford's qualified vehicle modifier approval (EQVM).

All the EPIC chassis are based on the popular Ford's E-450, F-59, and F-53 platforms and are ready to produce any vehicle type:

Motiv Power Systems EPIC (Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis)

Motiv Power Systems EPIC (Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis)

"The EPIC all-electric chassis are production line ready, drop-in replacements for the equivalent ICE chassis and are available for a wide range of medium-duty body applications including walk-in vans, box trucks, school buses, shuttle buses, work trucks and specialty vehicles. As a zero-emissions offering, the EPIC family of all-electric chassis qualify for regional and national incentive and subsidy programs including Volkswagen settlement funding."

"Having received Ford's qualified vehicle modifier approval (EQVM), the new EPIC chassis family provides a broad range of capabilities in range, power, and capacity equivalent to common combustion alternatives with the added benefits of near silent operation and smooth power delivery. Featuring Motiv's award-winning and industry-proven Smart Power Control Technology™, each EPIC chassis is available with universal charging compatibility and secure remote telematics and diagnostics for unparalleled charging flexibility and fleet/driver connectivity."

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Jim Castelaz, founder and CEO of Motiv Power Systems said:

"Since 2009, Motiv has been dedicated to taking the guesswork out of adding all-electric vehicles to existing fleets. Moving from providing powertrain kits to manufacturing complete electric chassis is a natural evolution for us. With the debut of the EPIC chassis family, fleet buyers and operators seeking un-compromised performance and functionality, together with dramatically reduced operating and servicing costs, now have a streamlined path towards that goal."

Kash Sethi, Director of Sales at Motiv said:

"With nearly ten years of operations, and with more than 350,000 miles logged in major national fleet deployments, Motiv's powertrain offerings have established a well-deserved reputation for reliability and scalability. These traits are also exemplified in the new EPIC chassis family as a turn-key, all-electric chassis. With EPIC, fleets can select chassis optimized for their specific range, payload, and route requirements. By providing an all-electric offering for fleet applications Motiv now closely mirrors the long-established procurement process for internal combustion engine powered chassis."

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