The Tesla Model 3 keeps popping up abroad now, like this white one that was just spotted in Norway.

Just the other day one was spotted in Germany. Prior to that, we'd seen a couple in New Zealand conducting winter tests.

It's becoming quite clear that Tesla is shipping more and more Model 3s abroad, but for what purpose or purposes? We've got a few guesses, one of which (or more) may be right, then again maybe we're entirely wrong.

  • Charging validation tests on various networks
  • Showing the new car to foreign investors
  • Showing the 3 to Tesla store employees
  • Displaying the car abroad to drum up interest (probably not)
Why do you think the Model 3 is overseas way before it will ever be available there?

Video description:

"White Tesla Model 3 observed in Norway. Filmed by Jan Ove Furesund."

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