Further analysis of the plug-in electric car market by EV Sales Blog leads us to the conclusion that almost every second plug-in car sold is produced by Chinese brands.



Some 576,871 plug-ins gave China 47% share (up from 6% in 2013, 17% in 2014, 31% in 2015 and 43% in 2016).

There are not many countries in the upper ranks and most of them are losing share.

Germany (208,563) was second at 18%, but last year it held 19%.

U.S. (187,351) was third at 15%, but in 2017 that figure was 17%.

Japan (129,479), France (47,550) and South Korea (40,580) achieved respectively 11%, 4% and 3%.

Will U.S. manufacturers ever be able to achieve results like 31% in 2013? It's looking like no with China's never-ending surge now.

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Source: EV Sales Blog

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