People have been waiting about two years for CEO Elon Musk's promised "something special" for early Tesla Model 3 reservation holders, and now we know what it will be.

***Update - March 21: Since we published this post a few weeks ago, we've seen some nice photos of the Tesla Model 3 diecast replicas. One of our readers even shared images on our Forum. However, we didn't have permission to share the pictures with you. Now, thanks to Imgur, you can see this beauty for yourself.

Anyone that follows Tesla and CEO Elon Musk knows that he's been talking about a special gift for early (specifically, day one) reservation holders for some time. There have been plenty of questions over time asking what will these early adopters get as an exclusive gift?

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Though deliveries began about seven months ago, there has been no official talk of the gift, aside from the fact that it's still going to happen. However, there's been a ton of speculation. A Franz-signed copy of original Model 3 design sketches, free Supercharging, a free Boring Company "safe" flamethrower, invite to an upcoming reveal event, etc. etc. The list could honestly go on and on and on.

Nope, none of the above seem to be the case. A recent Model 3 Owners Club Twitter thread stated:

Well, we all know that when a Tweet like that goes live and gets traction, people start talking and digging. Of course, these signature reservation-holders deserve to know what they might be getting, especially after all this time has passed. And, it can't be kept a secret forever. Hence, Redditors grabbed it up and it seems we have some confirmation:

So, there it is. It appears as though day-one reservation-holders may get an exclusive Hotwheels/Matchbox car version of the Tesla Model 3, which may be eventually worth some big bucks someday.

Source: Twitter and Reddit via Electrek

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