Now we have a whole lot more official information about the Tesla Semi from the main person behind the new venture.

As we recently reported, Tesla's Vice President of Trucks, Jerome Guillen, spoke at a recent conference in the Netherlands. We now have a video with some of his key comments. Unfortunately, the above video is only a small snippet of the entire presentation, however, you can follow the source link at the bottom of the page to listen to Guillen's entire speech.

Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi

In the U.S., the new Semi is scheduled for late 2019. However, Tesla is already its own first customer. The automaker intends to use its own Semi-trucks to move cargo between the Gigafactory in Nevada and its automotive assembly factory in Fremont, California.

Like the Model 3, this will allow the company to address early problems ahead of customer deliveries.

Guillen also noted that there were many questions about the cargo capacity of the Semi. Tesla intends to achieve a capacity that parallels or exceeds today's diesel trucks.

The full speech from the presentation is available via Electrek (audio only with images):

Source: Electrek

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