The video quality is certainly subpar, but this is our first real-world look at the Tesla Semi accelerating swiftly from a stop.

At the big Tesla Semi reveal event, we saw the 500 mile, all-electric rigs slowly roll onto the stage.

Later that night, there was a video that captured the Tesla Semi driving in the background.

Update:  Another video (pointed out by IEV reader Shaun) provides another, even better look at the Semi's performance - posted below

But until now, we've yet to see footage of the semi accelerating from a standstill. Live footage, that is.

Our wait is now over.

It's impossible to gauge just how quickly the Tesla Semi is accelerating off the line, but we sure as hell have not seen a semi of any type move as swiftly as this.

At 14 seconds, the door bangs shut and the semi is off. Within about 6 seconds, it's already hundreds of feet away.

Watch for yourself and you'll see that a big rig has never moved like this before.