The order list for the Tesla Semi increased by a few more companies that publicly admitted intention to order.

Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi

So far we've heard of 25 reservations by Loblaws and 15 by Walmart, with some reports putting a whopping 40 reservations on J.B. Hunt. A few Ryder orders were reported too.

But now comes word that new reservations came in from JK Moving Services. The company wants 4 Tesla Semis (the day cab version) and is ready to reserve 5 more (the sleeper cabs).

Meijer has placed an order for 4 units too.

Another truck was reserved by Fercam from Italy, despite Tesla not even offering the Semi in Europe yet. Fercam apparently will import the truck using US partner MAO Inc.

One more European reservation comes in from Girteka Logistics.

In total, we have heard Tesla has received some 55 reservations from companies that announced an intention to purchase ,and surely there's an undisclosed overall number of reservations higher much than that figure.

Tesla Semi orders:

  • J.B. Hunt Transport Services - “multiple” (some report "40")
  • Loblaws - 25
  • Wal-Mart - 15 (5 U.S., 10 Canada)
  • JK Moving Services - 4 day cabs (committed to purchase 5 sleeper cabs)
  • Meijer - 4
  • Ryder - uknown
  • Fercam (Europe) - 1
  • Girteka Logistics (Europe) - 1
Total: >55

Source: Girteka Logistics, Washington Business Journal, Trasporto Europa via Electrek

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